There's no winning/losing in life

There's no winning/losing in life

It's not "You win some, you lose some" but "You experience some, you don't experience some" instead.

I was reading  Gabriel García Márquez's non-fiction book "The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor" which tells the story of a sailor who was drifting in the ocean with no water or food for 10 days. It's a great read and also only a couple of pages. The beautiful thing about the book is the vivid descriptions of the life in ocean, the natural scenery, and the feeling of seeing them from the sailor's perspective. This got me thinking - here is this sailor, who is literally clinging on to his life but was able to see whales breaching for air, under the dark night sky with clearly visible trail of the milky way. An awe-inspiring view that an average Joe might not get to experience in his life.
Then there is the part that an average Joe might not want to experience in life - dying of starvation out in the ocean.

I have a couple of friends and acquaintances that have traveled to multiple countries and truth be told, everytime they talk about it, I feel like I am missing out from those adventures. I get a bit jealous. But then when I tell them about my road trip stories with some random group of friends across USA, it seems like they feel like they are missing out. A humbling thought comes to the mind - no matter how hard you try, you can never experience all the same stuff your peers are going through and vice versa. Here I had FOMO when he was describing to me the night life of France and there he had FOMO when I was describing driving through Utah landscape to find a camping ground.

It's a weird feeling, you know. I don't know which one is worse - to think that you have a duller life than others or to think that you have to show excitement 24/7 about every aspect of your life. When in reality, and in a good way, you have neither.

I think if there was a way to total bad and good experience at the end of your life, we all would be ending up with just experiences.