No Chaos, No Life

No Chaos, No Life

Don't try to make life happen; just let it happen

After too many long years, the feeling of homesickness re-emerged in me. I miss my country. I miss it so much that I have started missing even the bad parts of it - the pollution, the not-so-safe night streets, the unfathomable traffic. Just the whole enchilada.

Life in the USA has been pretty good, no doubt about it. Compared to where I was born, USA feels like an organized person that wakes up everyday on time, wears a suit and knows what to expect, versus my country, where it is akin to grabbing whatever cloth you can find and just try to work with it. And that's where I think lies the beauty - chaos. The sheer randomness of life itself. Americans love to quote the famous "Life is like a box of chocolates" line but at least they know that they are getting chocolates. In my country, what may look like a box of chocolate might end up being a box of needles and threads. You just never know.

In my country, life just happens; in USA, you try to make life happen

A good friend of mine recently visited his home country after almost 7 years and his reaction pretty much was, "It's chaotic but life is fun here". The blessing of being born in a developing nation is that people learn to get by with what they have. Sure, they complain but they also know how to go with the flow. They know how to navigate through chaos and not around it so as to avoid it (you can't avoid it anyway). You become more resilient to the insignificant inconveniences of life. In my country, life just happens; in USA, you try to make life happen. Maybe that's why life feels so monotonous here, it's the same pattern over and over again.