Qualitative > Quantitative

Quantitative: relating to, measuring, or measured by the quantity of something rather than its quality.

Numbers happen after the fact, after a moment has passed. Whereas qualitative is unmeasurable  because it happens right in the moment. As soon as a moment passes, it becomes countable; it becomes a number.

Tech folks are always relying on stats and measurements to put a value on everything and to make a sense of the world around them. What's the outside temperature? Check your phone to figure out the absolute value. Even though your skin is a good measuring tool and if you tune in, you can pretty much figure out if you should wear a jacket or not.
Not feeling uppity today? "Oh, it must be your serotonin level dropping below the average for you". There always has to be a concrete quantitative explanation.

The world is not math (in my humble opinion). If it were math, we would be able to figure out what is missing from the left side of the equation to equate to the right side. Math and numbers are just tools we have devised to make at least some sense of this seemingly chaotic universe. In fact, we created chaos theory to give a pattern to all the chaos that's going around. Again, back to numbers.

All these math and predictive algorithms are only approximating the future without putting the value of moment in the equation. It's hard to approximate when one of the variable is not a number and that variable is moment. Moment is movement and math allows us only to capture a static quantitative picture of a moment. Nothing more.
The more you focus on quantitative values in life, the more it becomes static and rigid.

Case in point: Live in the moment, even if the moment might not be qualitatively good.