Rich Kid. Poor Kid

Rich Kid. Poor Kid

The media rhetoric that rich people are ought to get the poor people is getting a bit old. That somehow the only way they are getting richer is by intentionally keeping the average person poor. While there's some truth to it to some extent, that's not always the case and it just deviates from one main cause that would be considered taboo to talk about - people who stay poor aren't savvy with their money.

Every time I observe how a rich person spends money vs. a broke person, it's always the same - rich (savvy) person pays for service/experience (aka Time) while the poor person pays for stuff/things (aka Material). Obviously the media plays a big part in influencing the spending behavior of a certain group (hint: most of the TV viewers aren't usually that well-off). They always push this agenda of how the rich are spending their money by buying luxurious houses and cars and encourage the upcoming social climbers to pursue the same lifestyle.
But if you observe, you will notice that the savvy rich people are usually purchasing stuff that they know they will be able to sell for a profit in the future. For example, when Donald Trump bought his super yacht, the Princess, he is quoted saying "...I was buying a great piece of art at a ridiculously low price". That is, he knew that the value of the yacht had a potential to go up and then he could sell it. And that's exactly what he did - he sold it to arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi for a hefty price.

gimme the monie$$$

My point is, by always putting the blame of poverty on rich people, average people stay distracted and delay learning about financial tactics. When you are not born into wealth, you already are behind on financial knowledge and shifting the blame and anger towards well-off people does more harm than good. I have yet to see a savvy person who's good with money stay poor. Do they become filthy rich overnight? No. But do they become wealthier than they were before? Most of the time, yes.

Financial knowledge is the real treasure chest. Not money. And that's what the rich people are trying to keep away from general people. But pursuing knowledge is far more easy than pursuing what it yields. And knowledge is very hard to contain. So start following the money trail, educate yourself with finance, and you will have a pretty good chance of being financially well-off.