What to write about?

What to write about?

When I started this blog, I didn't plan on what I would be writing about. Would it be a tech blog? a music blog? a food blog? who knows. But one thing I was certain about was that I wanted to write. I wanted to write so that I can take the burden of overthinking and pour it on paper (or screen). It helps.
The Internet really fueled our thirst for consuming stuff and do so in a pace never seen before. I mean if you think about it, people are actually reading more these days than they have ever done before. Just think about how many Facebook status you are skimming through right now, or the Twitter posts that are sliding in your e-mails. It's a lot and it's a lot for an already occupied mind. I also believe that I got the idea of writing a blog from the general census. What I mean by general census is that I have seen and also heard my friends talk about wanting to write a journal. A journal about their roadtrips, a journal about their other trips, or a journal just for the sake of it. Everyone seems to be feeling the need to create and slowdown on the consumption of information.

Everyone seems to be feeling the need to create and slowdown on the consumption of information.

So just create. Put your thoughts into words, into music, into pictures, and itno whatever else you can think of. And stop worrying about how your blog might come across to others. Other's opinions matter the least. When a painter is not famous, people don't say much about their talent. But when the painter becomes famous, those same people usually say, "I always knew he/she would make it big". It just goes to show how valuable opinions really are. They are fragile and subject to change anytime.
Good thing about writing is that you also get to process the information you are consuming. Did you ever learn a new topic and try writing a tutorial about what you have learned? You get to measure and calibrate your knowledge on that particular topic. Writing lets you become a better learner.

Writing lets you become a better learner

Just a short disclaimer if you may: I usually tend to not write about topics that I deem a bit too controversial, such as religions and sensitive social issues. As much as I would love to express my honest opinions about such topics, I unfortunately hold back a bit and write about something different. I know that as soon as you start writing, an opinion is inherently there and no matter how hard you try, there is no such thing as a completely neutral opinion. But I tend to stay away from opinions that might agitate some people enough to cause harm to me or my friends and family.

Society never guarantees absolute freedom. Or else, it would be a society no more.